Open Call

Sebastian David and his Atelier für Form und Ton Art will be designing the artworks for the Footgolf-Sculpturegarden. We’re looking forward to the opening in spring 2020.

The second and third place:

2. Martin Binder

3. Tan Chee Sing

We would like to thank all participants for their humble proposals and are looking forward to further competitions in upcoming years!


Open Call

On a 4 hectare plot in the southern part of the the garden memorial “Schlosspark Wiesenburg” along the Kunstwanderweg Hoher Fläming we plan the opening of a seasonal Sculpture Garden. The sculptures will be used as obstacles for the leisure sport Footgolf.

Footgolf – simply put – connects  soccer and golf. The aim of the game is to kick a football over obstacles (the sculptures) into a cup in as few shots as possible. You can play it on your own or in a team. The footgolf course will have nine fairways and therefore nine sculptures. The functionality of an obstacle provides the basis of the design of the sculpture e.g. for a fairway with a tunnel-like obstacle a tunnel like sculpture.

The sculptures will not only be used as footgolf obstacle but will also form a freely accessible art installation for all visitors of the “Schlosspark Wiesenburg”. By combining sports and arts we want to offer visitors an exciting way to enjoy arts while playing a fun game.

The Footgolf – Sculpture Garden is going to be a central attraction of an alternative leisure park which will open its gates in spring 2019 within the train station Wiesenburg. In 2020 a nature golf course will follow.

The Footgolf – Sculpture Garden is a temporary installation from May till end of October 2019. After that the sculptures will be relocated to the nature golf course. Here they will serve as barriers, seating or objects that provide shadow – or they simply remain as art sculptures on the course.


Requirements on the sculptures:

The nine sculptures have to be constructed from natural and untreated wood without any colour. The objects have a maximum height of 3m, maximum width of 5m and depth of 4m. The maximum volume is 20m³. No concrete foundations for the sculptures is allowed. The project will be based on sustainability (use of recycled materials if possible) and nature (relation to the surrounding landscape).

There is no guideline or requirement on how the sculpture will be placed within the plot. The maximum length of each fairway is 150m with a maximum width of 10m.

The sculptures will be maintained by the us.

The total budget for the project is 7500 EUR (including material, other costs and fees).


Requirements on the application:

Anyone can participate – artists, architects, students, etc. An application can be put forward by individuals or groups.

Any questions regarding the project are welcome. Please contact

A non obligatory visit to the plot can be arranged.

Application deadline: 31th of March 2019

  • Idea and concept of the application
  • Sketch of 9 sculptures, which will be used as obstacles for footgolf
  • Layout drawing with game plan and placement of the sculptures
  • Statement to the future use of the sculptures after 2019 within the golf course
  • Work- and time schedule for construction (Completion till the 30th of April 2019 latest
  • Short portfolio about the team or individual

The application will be made by email in PDF format to: Robin Weber, Email

The announcement of the winner will be made by the 5th of April 2019



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