Bosseln is a crazy folk sport. Do you enjoy being in a good mood and being active in nature? Well, then get started. You have come to the right place!


Bosseln in action

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, bosseln is great fun for families, companies, teams, friends or clients.

Each team receives a bossel-ball, a route map and preferably a wagon (for the physical well-being), and off you go on one of our three Bosselparcours that lie across different lengths and degrees of difficulty across Schlosspark Wiesenburg. Delicious refreshments await you at your destination in our bistro.

One version of the game

  • Two teams with the same number of players are formed, a fixed order of play and a game leader are determined.
  • Similar to bowling, the teams try to throw the bossel-ball as far as possible along the course. The bossel-ball is thrown from below, the hand remains under waist height. It may be ran and thrown. From there, where it lands, the next player throws on for their own team. The challenges of the terrain may be compensated by throwing angle and technique, but also by external suggestions and assistance of all kinds.
  • It is always the current team behind that is next. The throwing team has two “throws” to “overtake” the other team. If they fail to do so, the unsuccessful team receives a penalty point and the successful team a reward point.
  • The winner is the team with the most points.
  • The nature, the environment, the art and the living beings of all kinds are under special protection. Therefore, there is a special penal point, for anyone who comes off the path; throws trees, shrubs or bushes; or hits trash cans, benches or lingering teammates.
  • The game leader decides.


Also possible

As explained above, but put simply: the team with fewest throws wins.


Why the wagon?

In the wagon you find all around care for your physical well-being. Every point and every action can be appropriately celebrated with the surprises of the wagon.


Groups (from 4 people)Package price per person
All packages individually combinable
Basic (Boßelset with picknick blanket & board game)€4
Coffee party (Basic package with dishes, glass, cutlery, a small thermos flask filled with coffee & a piece of cake) €12
Picknick (Basic package with dishes, glass, cutlery, a cold beverage & our antipasti platter with bread ) €16
Deluxe (Basic, Coffee party & Picknick package combined with a small bottle of sparkling wine)€29
Special (on request we put almost anything in that Boßel cart)on request
Or simply choose from the menu in our Café & Bistro for your personal picknick experience...