Golf is so much fun. We simply need to make way more people try it out. This is our dream. When are you joining in?


We are enthusiastic recreational golfers and know that golf calms you down, promotes well-being and glee, helps train concentration, team spirit, and last but not least over 130 muscles. And it is a lot of fun!

For over three years we have been working with enthusiasm, undaunted faith and energy in order to realize our dream.


We have a dream!

  • Golf for anyone who wants to try out this wonderful sport. Casual sportive joy at affordable prices for every budget.
  • An authentic golf course, close to nature that protects ecologically responsible flora and fauna, harmoniously integrated into the fairways.
  • A top class facility that offers first class golfing experience for the curious, beginners and recreational golfers, as well as for ambitious tournament golfers.
  • A leisure oasis for active, friendly guests who enjoy a challenge, young or old, from all fitness levels. For those who want more than just to improve their own handicap.
  • An attractive leisure offer for all those who live and work in the region and for all who spend their free time and holidays in beautiful High Fläming.



Robin Weber

Having grown up near Rosenheim, Robin was impressed with Berlin and its people and decided at the age of 18 to move to the capital after his first visit. The engineer, aspiring landscape architect and home-improvement enthusiast, he lives together with his son, daughters and partner in Berlin. A few years ago, he was “persuaded” to play golf, acquired the German golf license (Platzreife) and since then has been sprayed with enthusiasm for the sport and the idea of an alternative golf course for everyone. In 2020 Robin started Country Golf together with Jan Johannsen, who moved 0n to new things in the meantime.