What does golf have to do with football or even with art? Quite simply: you play a football through a piece of art in a hole. This is how it works in our Footballgolf Sculpturegarden!


The highlight: Our Football Golf Sculpture Garden!

Football Golf is a new trend sport that combines football and golf. There are even World Championships for it, so everyone can show what they have. Whether you are a hobby player or a seasoned footballer, everyone gets their money’s worth. Experienced footballers are not always at an advantage, because here you need strategy, coordination, concentration, and skill.


Our contribution to the Art Trail

We have our football golf course designed as a work of art. So we add another work to the Art Trail which starts at our bistro at the railway station at Wiesenburg and ends in Bad Belzig.

A unique course will be created in the listed Schlosspark Wiesenburg, in which known obstacles such as ramps, arches, depths, holes, etc. will be transformed into sculptures made of untreated wood, designed by the artist Sebastian David from High Fläming. The Sculpture Park is open to all park visitors as a free-standing art ensemble.


The task

A football is played through an obstacle course. There are nine fairways, each with a wooden sculpture spread over four hectares. The task is to overcome all obstacles with as few kicks as possible and to score the ball. It is very similar to miniature golf.
Depending on the number of players, the playing time is between 1.5 and 2 hours. However, there is no time limit with us. Balls are sufficiently available. Studded football shoes are not allowed.


Simple rules

It is like miniature golf – except played with a football.
Each player or team plays the ball through the course. Every contact with the ball is counted as a kick. If the ball lands outside the course, two penalty kicks will be added. When all nine obstacles are played, the kicks are added, and the team with the fewest kicks wins.


For football clubs

Footballers, beware: This is something completely different…
Do you want a special training or a competition with special and unusual challenges? Then you have come to the right place!


For you and me

Whether school classes, hiking days, children’s birthdays, families, groups of any kind, team or single player, urge your friends, spouses, club mates, classmates, or work colleagues to join you! We promise an obscene amount of fun!


9 holeDay pass
Children (6 to 16 years) & Students€4€7
Families (2 adults & 2 children)€18€30