The golf course and the footgolf course are still open!!! Alone, in pairs of two or with members of your own household you can still get active in the outdoors. Untill the 20th of December our Café & Bistro offers food and drink only for take away. CHRISTMAS VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE - no idea for a good present yet? Make your loved ones happy with one of our exciting activities!

Whether inexperienced beginner, occasional golfer or ambitious handicap golfer. Whether very young or well aged. Also without membership or handicap. Even dogs can join the game!



No bells and whistles

We challenge all conventions of golf: no etiquette, no complicated rules, no dress code, no own equipment, no advance reservation, handicap, or other requirements.

Exactly the right challenge

Narrow fairways built in challenging terrain. It combines motor skills with brain activity. Ambition and pride. Personal claim – even for the professional.

Come play now and again

Pay what you play. Become a member or secure a distance membership – all at unbeatably attractive prices for every budget. Either for a long-time sport habit or for a one-time family fun, your visit will not disappoint.

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A variety of offers – not exclusive to golf enthusiasts


Even a football can be a golf ball. In our Sculpture Garden, you can kick it over the artistically designed obstacles into the hole – with instructions, of course. It is terrific fun, but only for a short time, because the art project is only here in 2020.


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RC Miniature World


Our miniature world offers remote-controlled model vehicles of agriculture and construction. Try yourself as a farmer, learn how to dig, and let off some steam. Ideal for every birthday, ideal for the whole family!


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With one ball per team across Schlosspark Wiesenburg. There are three different routes to choose from. Which team can roll the ball less times to the finish line? Take one of our carts full of food and drinks with you on your Bossel-Adventure.

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